Video: how to off-road – a beginner’s guide

Never taken your 4×4 onto the rough stuff? You’re missing out – let us show you how to get started

Do you have a 4×4, SUV or even a crossover that you fancy putting through its paces? All that off-road potential is wasted if you never actually, you know, go off-road. Well, let Autocar bring you an essential guide.

Off-roading can be, to our eyes, just as much fun as track or road driving – a good, gentle day out that challenges yourself and the car. There are a few things first-timers should watch out for before they drive into the nearest mud-plugging course, though.

We took a Suzuki Jimny and a Ford Ranger Raptor to our favourite quarry in the depths of last winter, for some essential messing around. 

Here are a few tips to get you started.


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