Lamborghini Urus 2018 UK review

Rampantly fast and sharper than any other car of its type, the Urus is a harder-edged SUV. It’s too heavy to thrill like a sports car, though

Whatever you think of the Lamborghini Urus – even if you find it so objectionable that you can hardly bear to look at these photographs – you must arrive at your opinion of it availed of two pieces of information.The first is that it’s right and proper that this car exists at all.Lamborghini is no less a money-making concern than a house builder or an accountancy firm, and for it to overlook a vast and growing sector of the market on grounds of, I don’t know, some sort of imagined sacrosanctity, or respecting Ferruccio’s legacy, or whatever, would be a weird sort of onanism.Porsche, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and the rest build SUVs of their own, and Lamborghini would be mad to watch them gobble up the pie while it sat back and congratulated itself on being so singularly faithful to the supercar cause. Lamborghini says the Urus could double its output to 7000 units a year, which sounds like very good business. And Lamborghini, unlike the others, does at least have some sort of heritage in off-road vehicles.Of course, it’s possible to be fully aware of all that and still find the high-performance SUV thing entirely depressing. This is simply where the automotive industry finds itself in 2018.You might just think the Urus is the most wonderful car since the turn of the millennium, though, in which case the second piece of information will make you very happy indeed. That is, Lamborghini’s SUV is very good. It really is. If you listed the 10 or 12 things a car like this should be able to do, you couldn’t honestly say the Urus was bad at any one of them.With that out of the way, let me tell you something else about this car. Lamborghini reckons it’s the first ever super-SUV, which isn’t an unreasonable claim, and it’s so loaded up with technology and hardware that it’s quite surprising you don’t have to attend a two-day course simply to operate it.It has active torque vectoring, four-wheel steering, a rear-biased centre differential, adaptive air suspension and active anti-roll bars, all of which is there to make the car as agile as it can possibly be. It also has staggered tyres front to rear and plenty more besides.On top of that, it has the least ambiguous remit of any high-performance SUV so far: be great to drive along a winding road. It is a Lamborghini, after all.

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